To serve our customers in the best possible way in the country, SunSheed has received the exclusive representatives of Inframet and Batop companies. These two companies supply high-tech EO and laser equipment and components.

Inframet founded in Poland in 2002 as a spin off company from a university group working in field of infrared metrology since 1997. It is one of the few manufacturers of high-tech test equipment for Electro-Optics and laser systems in the world.

Inframet is the only company that can deliver equipment for testing all types of electro-optical imaging and laser systems including thermal imagers, night vision devices, VIS-NIR cameras (CCD/CMOS/ICCD/EBAPS) cameras, SWIR cameras, UV cameras, laser range finders, laser designators, laser illuminators, laser pointers, multi-sensor surveillance systems, fused imagers and modules of such systems (image intensifier tubes, IR FPAs sensors, CCD/CMOS/EBAPS sensors, streak tubes, optical modules).

The company recently won more market share from its competitors, especially in advanced countries. This is due to superior technologies, high product quality, unique after sale services, competitive prices and long background in the field.


BATOP GmbH is a privately held innovative company founded in 2003 as spin-off from the University of Jena in Germany. BATOPs area of expertise are low temperature molecular beam epitaxy, dielectric sputter coating, wafer processing and chip mounting technologies. During the last years BATOP became a worldwide leading supplier of saturable absorbers for passive laser mode locking. The product portfolio of saturable absorbers consist of a wide range of different devices starting from saturable absorber mirrors (SAM™) up to saturable output couplers (SOC) and saturable absorbers (SA) for transmission applications. Up to now absorbers are available covering the most popular laser wavelengths from 800 nm up to 3 µm.

A second product family is photoconductive antennas (PCA) for terahertz radiation emission and detection. BATOP offers single gap antennas as well as microlens coupled high power large aperture interdigital antenna arrays and complete THz spectrometers. The antennas are designed for excitation wavelengths between 800 nm and 1550 nm. BATOP has a high percentage of research and development to improve his products continuously. Therefore we work together with our customers to best fit their needs.